KT is far from the perfect company, but it sure is cheap

Please note that this article appeared first on Seeking Alpha, in much the same shape. Figures and facts may be slightly dated but the central argument still holds. KT is actually even a little bit cheaper than it was before. Key items”: New CEO announced “crisis-mode” and returned 30% of salary. Over the past 5 […]

JCOM: Still $17 – $35 Undervalued

Legacy fax business obscures growth potential of J2′s other cloud services and media business. Management with history of value creation and with ownership in the company. Media acquisitions are value adding on their own but also contribute to a greater strategy. Only if the cash cow fax business dies real quickly, or similar negative events […]

Shutterstock: Competitive Advantages And Valuation Discussed

Shutterstock (SSTK) is an online marketplace where people license photographs and videos. The company reported in-line earnings, higher than expected revenues and raised guidance for the rest of the year. The stock has been under a lot of pressure over the past few months and the solid quarter did nothing to stop it. Shutterstock still […]

Video: Danoff, Davis and Lynch On A Panel Discussion Organized by Morningstar

Interesting panel discussion by the Morningstar Manager of the Year winners who favor credit card firms, split views on Facebook, address China’s importance, extol executives’ foresight for future growth and disruption. I’m used to managers paying more attention to valuation but I guess this is a nice change to that familiar tune. Love how they go through […]

I Have Been Too Negative On TomTom NV In The Past

The Dutch company TomTom NV (TMOAF) (TMOAY) is a complicated and difficult to understand company. Most people know the company from its PND’s which are equivalent to Garmin’s (GRMN) products. In my earlier article about TomTom I have been mistakenly negative on the competitive advantages the company has and its opportunities to develop them further. Ultimately I […]

PMD: Market Missing Revenue Could Increase 20%-60% From July

Summary 6.8 million Professional Brasil drivers need to take a mandatory drug hair test from July 2014 every 5 years. The company already has a strong partner in Psychemedics Brasil on the ground. The company could very well increase revenue by 20%-60% after July. Psychemedics Corp (PMD) trades at a P/E of 22, its earnings […]

American Apparel: A Story Of Mismanagement And Hidden Potential

Summary American Apparel trades at 0.15 x sales and top line is growing. The business is mismanaged resulting in a consistent track record of losses. The company trades at a discount of between 78% – 755% to competitors. Catalyst for change: Activist investor acquired a 13% stake. American Apparel (APP) has a market cap of […]

Schweitzer-Mauduit Diving Straight Back To The Buylist

Last year, On November 18, 2013, Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc. (SWM) announced having signed a definitive agreement to acquire DelStar, Inc. Delstar is the world’s leading manufacturer of thermoplastic nets, nonwovens, laminates, and extruded components used in filtration, automotive, healthcare, industrial, food, electronics and textile markets according to its website. Schweitzer’s management believes this acquisition sets […]