Why The Mom & Pop Diner Might Have An Edge On McDonalds After All

Here in the Netherlands people often refer to McDonalds burgers as tasting like cardboard. There are a number of reasons why people might want to talk with disdain about McDonald’s food but it always made me wonder why they do taste somewhat like cardboard. It’s not completely untrue. Meanwhile I know McDonalds has the capacity […]

China Is Filing Patents Like Crazy

Over a year ago, while doing research into patents for an article about the paper producer  Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc. (SWM). I came across this interesting article in the Economist about the difference in patent applications between China and the USA and Europe. On the surface China is already more innovative then the West but dig deeper and stats […]

Why Apple Isn’t Really Destroying Jobs

I was reading Barron’s interview with Bill Gross and this is a small quote by Gross that got me thinking: Most boomers need health care, but they don’t need another house or a third car. The aging of our society is putting curbs on economic growth. Thirdly, technology is a boon and a wonder, but […]

Premium: Temporarily Elevated Costs Obscure True FCF Potential Of This Wide Moat Company

After a cursory examination of basic value metrics VPRT doesn’t look that attractive. Vistaprint is run by a highly motivated owner operator who is also a skilled capital allocator. Vistaprint enjoys the competitive advantage of being the low cost producer within its target market. When reviewing various scenarios for future growth the stock is clearly […]

Premium: Nanocap With Mining Equipment Value On The Books Exceding Enterprise Value By ~4x

Summary The investment idea has nothing (very little) to do with gold. Low volume pennystock without operations or employees that trades OTC. Conservative estimates put the Gold Bar Mill that’s on the books at a multiple of Enterprise Value. Major holders of equity and debt are well incentivized to make a sale happen. Over the […]

Premium: Update On The Aker Philadelphia Shipyard Story

Aker Philadelphia Shipyard ASA (OTC:AKRRF) owns and operates a shipyard in Philadelphia. The company constructs merchant vessels for operation in the U.S. Jones Act market (trade between U.S. ports). The company’s stock is thinly traded, which may limit opportunities if you are an institutional investor or mutual fund manager. The company can also be traded […]

Vistaprint really interesting prospect

Yesterday I published some of the Morningstar data on Vistaprint(VPRT). If you decide to look into the company don’t be scared by the P/E or P/B values. Sure they are extremely high but if you dig deeper you will find out why. Consider the: Track record of management (9 years of 20% return on equity) […]