Safe and Secure Ways To Store Bitcoin

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Coinbase is a U.S. based online wallet that features offline storage (cold storage). It has about 10 million users who hold over 33 million different wallets. It is backed by a host of venture firms including Andreessen Horowitz, Y Cobinator, BBVA and Funders Club.

They have the budget to maintain security but also spent a lot of energy devoted to a user friendly interface. Their customer support is way ahead of the other three options although due to a very high growth rate it has been bogged down recently.

It is easy to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and you can fairly easily access the GDAX exchange which is also run by the company to facilitate more extensive trading options.


The company behind Amory, Armory Technologies, Inc.’s primary focus is developing the most secure Bitcoin wallet. They are leading in this respect but using it you will have to make some sacrifices as far as userfriendlyness goes. It’s best used if you don’t want to trade, pay or use your Bitcoin much but store them as an investment for the long term. Not a bad idea to begin with imho.


Trezor is a great option if you want to be a little more involved in the security of your Bitcoin. It is a hardware wallet created by a company called SatoshiLabs. You can keep your Bitcoin safely stored online. Just like Armory this isn’t a great option if you are a frequent trader or use Bitcoin to pay for stuff. It is great to safely store Bitcoin as a long term investment.


Xapo is incorporated in Hong Kong and sports an impressive list of venture investors like Fortress Investment Group, Benchmark and Pantera Capital. Xapo puts a lot of emphasis on safety while pushing for convience by allowing the use of a connected debit card and having apps in the Android and Apple store.